Seein’ the world through B A S E L N U T -eyes

[] Basel Days [][] Basel Nights [][] Sag’s Linda! [][] Unter 7 Brücken muss man stehen []… Witwe Bolte is in Town!


When walking through the streets of Berlin there is a chance for you getting carried away to a colorful world of indie-folk-jazz music by a young band called CHARITY CHILDREN. A harmonic liaison… Continue reading


On a sunday afternoon there is nothing more relaxing than…going to the VitraHaus!                         Opened in 2010, it already has attracted over… Continue reading

Enough is enough – or not?

Summer. Sun. Festivals. Dinners. Holidays. Smart casual Look. WAYFARER. Ray Ban has erected a monument to its own brand by introducing the unprecedented design of the Wayfarer model in 1956. After having caused… Continue reading

Bois d’Orange by ROGER & GALLET- A Summery Refreshment.

Despite some rainy days, today summer has had its great comeback and hopes for some refreshing moments came alive. Especially when being on the go all day you are longing for a scented body… Continue reading

New Horizons

A river, three countries and one city. Recently I have moved to the city of Basel, Switzerland! As usual when moving to a new city I did not know anyone, I had no idea how to… Continue reading


Why do people feel the urge publishing a blog? Perhaps, because otherwise no one listens to them. They lack like-minded acquaintances in life and start looking for passion-sharers online. They are curious what’s… Continue reading